Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Book Review: Cold - John Sweeney

Synopsis -  In the feeble light of a London winter, Joe Tiplady walks his dog in the snow.  He is not alone.  Two men are tracking him, as is a woman with wolf eyes.  Soon Joe will find himself caught in a storm of violence and retribution that he does not yet understand.

Around the world, a chain of events is in motion that will make Joe a priceless target.  A retired Soviet general hunts for his missing daughter after a series of brutal murders.  A ruthless assassin loses something so precious he will do anything to get it back.  And in the mountains of Utah, a brilliant ex-CIA chief wrestles with his religion.

In the shadow of them all lies Zoba, a strongman ruler of Russia and puppet-master of the world's darkest operatives.  Can Joe save himself from this dangerous web of power and revenge?  Where can he run when there's nowhere left to hide?  (Quoted from the back cover)

Review - I accepted this book as an ARC for review.  This was a gripping, action packed thriller which kept me on my toes.  I found it a little slow to get into but I think that was because each character introduced was given a chapter to themselves.  I know that a lot of books are written in this form but I found that I had to think or re-visit to re-acquaint myself with the characters, particularly when only managing to read a few pages a day.  Because I had accepted the book for review it made me persevere and once I found out who was who and got the gist of their connections it all fell into place.  Mr Sweeney certainly packs a lot into the novel and draws on many of his experiences as a reporter to do so.  I found the book dark and barbaric in places but I am not surprised if these examples are close to reality, after all we (the general public) don't really know what goes on in the hidden world of espionage.  Joe Tiplady, the protagonist is a likeable character and true hero, he has depth and I am sure he will be drawn out even more in future instalments.  There was of course the 'love interest' which would certainly add to the appeal of the book for development into screenplay or film at a later date.  I look forward to reading more in this series.  4*

  • ISBN-13: 978-1503934221
  • Published by Thomas & Mercer (1st July 2016)

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