Thursday, 16 June 2016

Supporting the Library - Speedy Book Review: Notwithstanding - Louis de Bernieres

Synopsis - Welcome to the village of Notwithstanding, where a lady dresses in plus fours and shoots squirrels, a retired general gives up wearing clothes altogether, a spiritualist lives in a cottage with the ghost of her husband, and people think it quite natural to confide in a spider that lives in a potting shed. (Quoted from the back cover)

Review - Louis de Bernieres' short stories are new to me, I have read a couple of his novels but these are quite different.  The author has based the stories on memories of growing up in a Surrey village.  Although Notwithstanding is fictional you will no doubt recognise place names such as: Godalming and Guildford.  Each story is about a different character but you will recognise someone you have already come across as they pop up in another chapter.  Lighthearted, funny and easy to read at bedtime or take on holiday.  The stories were written some time ago dating from 1996 up to 2004 and individually featured in magazines, newspapers and broadcast on Radio 4.  3*

ISBN 978-0-099-54202-5
Published by Vintage 2010

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