Friday, 15 January 2016

Speedy Book Review: The Messenger of Athens - Anne Zouroudi and other matters

Happy New Year!  It's been awhile since I made a post on here, I can only say thank you followers for hanging around long enough to read this one.  My reading and reviewing last year was pretty dire and now I have actually moved and getting settled in to my new abode I am hoping to get everything up and running again.

The book I am reviewing today has taken me a couple of months to read due to being busy with the house move, Christmas and all that.  I know many of you juggle all sorts and still manage to read, review and blog.

Synopsis - When the battered body of a young woman is discovered on a remote Greek island, the local police are quick to dismiss her death as an accident.  Then a stranger arrives, uninvited, from Athens, announcing his intention to investigate further.  His name is Hermes Diaktoros, his methods are unorthodox, and he brings his own mystery into the web of dark secrets and lies.  Who has sent him, on whose authority is he acting, and how does he know of dramas played out decades ago?

Review -  I won this book in a Twitter contest along with a further two in the series.  I have only read this book in the series so far. I would ideally like to give the book full justice but due to the house move and my current lack of reading concentration the review will be brief.

Although the book is under the crime umbrella, it is on the lighter side. If you read Val McDermid or some of the Scandinavian crime authors then you will understand they are usually quite dark.  The Messenger of Athens is a lighter read, perhaps a good choice for the holidays.  The stranger referred to as 'the fat man' is not a detective in the usual sense, not a policeman but some sort of private investigator sent to find out the truth behind the death of a young woman.  The back story unfolds but not in the usual way. We meet several island characters including the corrupt policemen charged with solving the crime.  The fat man has a way of finding things out and some unusual ways of dealing with those he meets along the way.  I enjoyed the story as it was light enough for me to keep up with even if I ignored the book for days. 3*

ISBN: 978-1-4088-2125-1

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