Thursday, 22 October 2015

Book Review: The View on the Way Down - Rebecca Wait

Synopsis - It is the story of Emma's two brothers: the one who died a few years ago, and the one who left home on the day of the funeral and never came back.

It is the story of Emma's parents, who have been keeping the truth from her and each other.

It is the story of Emma herself, caught in the middle and trying to work out how everything fell apart.

Review - This is another rather late review.  I won this book in a give-away by Anne Cater from Random Things Through My Letterbox.

Before I get down to the actual review I want to say that my reading mojo is a little off.  This blog has been and will be a tad neglected over the next month or so due to 'stuff' that is going on here.  This has impacted on my reading both in time available and in enjoyment.  I found this book a slow burner in the beginning and I am sure that was down to me rather than the author.

I have to admit I nearly gave up but I am so pleased I persevered because when I reached part two the story really took off for me.  The first part builds up the storyline focussing mainly on Emma, the youngest child, a teenager with problems at school.  Her parents don't really hear her and Emma doesn't tell them because she knows that she is not heard.  We learn that her eldest brother Kit dies and that Jamie the second born was sent away but not the full reason why.  Part two continues with letters written by Jamie to his father and it is through these letters that we discover the truth.

Rebecca Wait handles her subject matter sensitively.  She really delves into the impact such a tragedy has on each member of the family and how each character copes, or more realistically, does not cope.  I very much liked the way she handled the subject of depression, mentioning the pain that sufferers feel but non sufferers do not or can not understand.  In this part of the story the dialogue between the two brothers is very well written and as the reader I could empathise with both of these characters.  In the same way, she explores how the family deal with the truth and the moral stance they take, also giving the reader a subject to think about.  Highly recommended. 4*

ISBN: 978-1-4472-2469-3
Published by Picador

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