Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Book Review: Trash - Andy Mulligan

Synopsis - Three friends.  Raphael, Gardo and Rat.  Living on a heap of trash, a lifetime of sifting rubbish.  One day they find something extraordinary - a deadly secret.  From that moment they are hunted without mercy.

With danger snatching at their heels, the boys are chased from the city's dirty gutters to its wealthy avenues.  But they can't run for ever.  They need a miracle.

Review - I won this book from a competition some time ago and I wondered why I had not read it before.  It had got pushed to the back of my shelves.  I am so pleased I made a book jar it is a great way to aid the choosing of what to read next.  I digress.  Onto the review.

If you read the journalists reviews they liken this novel to Slumdog Millionaire.  There are similarities in so far as the central characters are from the poorest quarters and both stories have clues and involve problem solving.

Our three characters live in Behala a very poor area where all the country's trash is dumped.  The only way these young boys can survive is by sifting through the trash for valuable and saleable articles and trying to earn some much needed dough.  When they find a bag their lives change dramatically but not without some adventure.  Using their wits and some contacts they follow the trail of clues to find the answer.  Great fun read.  The audience will root for these boys and gasp when they are within a hair's whisker of danger.

Although this novel falls under the YA genre it did not feel that it particularly spoke to that age group.  I felt it was a work of fiction that could appeal to all.  4*

ISBN 978-1-849-92056-8
Published by David Fickling Books 2011

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