Friday, 2 May 2014

Poetry Corner #2

Here we are week two of Poetry Corner and this week I am going to share a poem by Christy Brown.

Christy Brown was the author of My Left Foot which was made into a movie starring Daniel Day Lewis in the leading role.  He was an Irish writer and painter.  He also suffered from cerebral palsy.  I found this poem very moving.

Come Softly To My Wake

Come softly to my wake
On Pavlova feet
at the greying end of day;
into the smoke and heat
enter quietly smiling, quietly unknown
among the garrulous guests
gathered in porter nests
to reminisce and moan;
come not with ornate grief
to desecrate my sleep
but a calm togetherness of hands
quiet as windless sands
and if you must weep
be it for the old quick lust
now lost in dust
only you could shake
from its lair.

Come softly to my wake
and drink and break
the rugged crust
of friendly bread
and weep not for me dead
but lying stupidly there
upon the womanless bed
with a sexless stare
and no thought in my head.

Christy Brown 1971

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