Monday, 28 April 2014

Book Review: To The Fair Land - Lucienne Boyce

Synopsis - In 1789 struggling writer Ben Dearlove rescues a woman from a furious Covent Garden mob.  The woman is ill and in her delirium cries out the name "Miranda".  Weeks later an anonymous novel about the voyage of the Miranda to the fabled Great Southern Continent causes a sensation.  Ben decided to find the author everyone is talking about.  He is sure the woman can help him - but she has disappeared.

It is soon clear that Ben is involved in something more dangerous than the search for a reclusive writer.  Who is following Ben?  And what is the Admiralty trying to hide?  Before he can discover the shocking truth Ben has to get out of prison, catch a thief, and bring a murderer to justice.

Review -  I won this signed copy from a competition on Jaffareadstoo blog.

Lucienne Boyce lives in Bristol and therefore has good local knowledge.    To the Fair Land is historical fiction and is set between London and Bristol.  I really enjoyed this novel which is set in the 18th century.  We follow Ben Dearlove as he returns to the city of his origins to find Sarah Edgcumbe, the mysterious woman who can connect him to the author of the book 'A Voyage to the Fair Land'.  This is a tale of mystery which keeps it's audience on its toes.  Ben finds his enquiries met with hostility and even danger.  Eventually, Ben finds his source but the story he is told differs widely from the 'official' version.  Which should he believe?  A thrilling tale which keeps the reader interested right until the very end.  5*

ISBN 978-1-78132-017-4 
Published by Silverwood Books 2012

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