Sunday, 12 January 2014

Feeding My E-Reader #8, What the Postman Brought and Library Loot

This has been an exceptionally large week of incoming books.  There seemed to be quite a lot of free Amazon Kindle books flagged up and I kinda went a little wild.  I am not sure when I will find the time to read them all but as they are not on a review deadline, they can hang around a little, just like my TBR shelves of tree books.  Amongst these e-books were a couple for LibraryThing Early Review and a couple of wins from give-aways.  I had one book through the postbox this morning for review.  Out on my errands this morning, I could not pass the library without entering and taking out just one book, how good was I?  Let's see what I got?


Once Upon a Timepiece - Starr Wood

The Strange Case of Dr Terry and Mr Chimes - Terry Chimes (LibraryThing Early Review)


What Would Oprah Do? - Erin Emerson (Festive Fun)

A Matter of Fate - Heather Lyons (Unofficial UtopYa)


Men I've Loved Before - Adele Parks


 I, Zombie - Jo Michaels
First Visions: Second Sight Book One - Heather Topham Wood
 Swift - Heather London
 Dangerous (Element Preservers #1) - Alycia Linwood
 Silence - Natasha Preston
 Parallel (Traveler Series Book 1) - Claudia Lefeve
 The Lake - AnnaLisa Grant

Wicked Games - Jessica Clare
 Hyde, An Urban Fantasy (Hyde Book 1) - Lauren Stewart

Making It Home - Christine Campbell

Striking (Forged in Fire) - Lila Fox and Rachel Higginson
 When I Was German - Alan Wynze
The School Gates - Nicola May 

Stolen Wishes - Lexi Ryan
Lady Justice and the Assassin - Robert Thornhill

What books came into your home this week?

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