Friday, 3 January 2014

A Brand New Year

Happy New Year!

I'm not one for resolutions as I invariably break them.  Not intentionally, but life takes over or they are impossible to keep up.  Therefore I am not making any!  However, I have been impressed by some of the posts you, my fellow book bloggers have made this New Year.

Kim from Reading Matters posted today about links.  I stopped my blogroll when I decided to smarten or tidy up my blog a year or so ago.  I was listing quite a few blogs but I found that some of these people didn't know I existed, or did not reciprocate.  This made me realise that perhaps this was my fault as I wasn't particularly good at putting myself out there.  I don't participate in memes or not for any length of time, I am more of a dabbler, dipping in and out as and when.  I prefer to be independent in many ways.  I don't always have books coming in on a regular basis and cannot regularly contribute to the various Mailbox memes for example.  Anyway I have, after reading Kim's post, decided to re-introduce the blogroll.  I will add those of you I regularly communicate with but I am offering this to book reviewers out there who would like to have a place on my blogroll and would be willing to reciprocate.  Please add your link in the comments box below and I will endeavour to add you.

The other idea I picked up and I am seriously thinking of taking on board is the 'book jar'.  I read about this on Liberty Falls Down blog. Today when I entered my teens bedroom I discovered that she has a book jar.  I asked the girlie about it and she had got the idea from a vlog on YouTube.  My problem is that my physical TBR shelves are double backed and I also have an ever growing virtual TBR on iBooks and Kindle. Will I fit all my titles in one jar?  I have a large box but it was my intention to use that to store my sewing/craft supplies.  Plus it will take me some time to write down all the titles onto scraps of paper.  This needs some planning.

This month I shall mainly be reviewing books for authors who requested reviews and I will not have much time to even look at the TBR's.  I have deliberately put a stop on further review requests unless there is a special reason why I should review a specific book or review for a specific author.  I am committed to review monthly for one publisher from January on.  From March I am going to be occupied elsewhere and the blog will take a bit of a back-seat.  I am continuing with my monthly book group which means that I will have a book to read and perhaps review as well as the Choc-Lit monthly reviews.

I have started to use Evernote to list my reviewing commitments.  In 2012, when I took on a large amount of reviews, I set up a table in MSWord and put a line through when I had completed each review.  This worked reasonably well but I could only make records when using the main computer or a device with MS Office installed.  Using Evernote I can work on the list anywhere, on my mobile, iPad, laptop or home computer.  I have not yet got to grips with all that this product offers but I have made a start.

Networking is something I don't excel at, but I have been putting in more of an effort lately.  I regularly read other blogs and often comment.  As a result I have had some folks visiting me!  I also recently participated in Dizzy C's Little Book Blog Festive fun and was featured over there.  I have in the past featured fellow book reviewers on a regular basis but due to time constraints discontinued this feature, I still feature authors on an occasional basis.  I enjoyed hosting fellow bloggers on my page and this is a possibility for the future but not immediately foreseeable - perhaps in 2015?

I have a question for you!  Advertisements on the blog.  I have shied away from having adverts on my blog because I wanted to have an uncluttered look.  However, some revenue would be useful.  I would like to know how much you have to post to make it worthwhile and what sort of income one could expect.  If you have used Adsense or have gained an income from adverts on your blog, please leave me a comment below or you can email me if you prefer.  My email address can be found on the 'About Me and My Review Policy' page.

No resolutions.  Just some ideas which I hope my fellow book reviewers linked above, won't mind me taking on board.

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