Saturday, 7 December 2013

Book Review: The Silence of Juliet Mann - Joanne Phillips

Synopsis - Juliet Mann remains silent as much as she can.  She has a job at the museum where she works behind the scenes without having to engage with the public.  She has a problem.  She is about to marry the man she loves but cannot go through with the wedding.

Review - What a lovely story!  It is a love story with a difference.  Juliet loves Marcus, he is the only person she can talk to.  Yet, when it comes to their big day, the words stick and she flees from the wedding leaving her fianc√© at the altar.  This is when we learn about Juliet's problem, how she has lived with a stammer all her life.  How her teacher at school always singled out the quiet children including Juliet.  Joanne Phillips deals with this issue in a delicate and sensitive manner.  4*

The author sent this free Christmas novelette to her newsletter subscribers.

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