Monday, 2 December 2013

Book Review: The Little Book of Lost Hearts - Valerie-Anne Baglietto

Synopsis - Introducing Fool's Castle, a forgotten village about to be remembered...

Nothing much happens around here, but that suits Antoinette Ellis perfectly.  She wants the cocoon the village provides.  Fate has taken too many of her loved ones, and all she has left is her brother, and their late sister's daughter, Tabitha.  Antoinette gave up her future to look after her young niece, but her sacrifice hasn't gone unnoticed.

When a stranger called Rufus moves into the grim little house opposite her cottage, odd things start to happen in Fool's Castle.  He admits he's not the person he appears to be, but he won't reveal who he really is.  And what secrets lie within that tatty old book of his, which no one is allowed to look inside?

A miracle is long overdue, but the season for miracles is just around the corner.  (Taken from Goodreads)

Review - What a lovely little story!  I do like happy endings and because its Christmas I am expecting one.  This novella is a perfect read for the season offering the reader hope and leaving us with a sense of magic in the air.  Easy to read, I could have finished it in an evening.  A read for old or young.

The scene is set in Fool's Castle and we are introduced to a nice array of characters.  It won't be long before we meet them and the village again, as they will be appearing in the author's next full length work, due for release in 2014. 4*

Available on Kindle : ASIN: B00GGZSFFK

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