Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Book Review: Bruno and le Pere Noel - Martin Walker

SynopsisIt’s the last market day before Christmas and Bruno, Chief of Police, is preparing for a traditional gastronomic feast. But, never off duty for long, Bruno is called to action when he receives information that a prisoner on parole has gone missing, last seen heading for St. Denis, where his ex-wife and son live.

The goose, the oysters, his English girlfriend’s Christmas pudding and Bruno’s famous mulled wine will just have to wait…  (Taken from Goodreads)

Review - I started this book and was ploughing through nicely waiting for some excitement but I felt let down, even with the ending.  Bruno is a good citizen of St Denis and does his best to keep crime down to a minimum.  If petty crimes are all he gets in his town then he is doing pretty well.  I know this is a Christmas story and it should be happy and positive but when you read a crime book you expect a satisfactory outcome. But I wanted to know where does it go from here?  What happens to the prisoner?  Surely, this would not happen in the real world even in France.   I realise the author probably wanted to leave the reader on a good note and feeling upbeat.  A short story with an abrupt and rushed finale.  The author makes a book out of this by adding a travel guide to the Perigord region of France.  I skimmed this but recognising names of places I had visited a few years ago did bring back some happy memories.  This was quite a nice touch to introduce readers to this region in France but I didn't think it was necessary to include alongside the short story.  3*

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