Tuesday, 26 November 2013


You may have noticed there have been few book reviews this month.  I think I have managed one so far.  I have to finish my current book this afternoon before book group tonight and I don't have time to review this one.  This is not an issue as the book was published over ten years ago and the author has written a series since, therefore I don't feel the need to review on this occasion.

Book group read

My next book has to be reviewed very soon and I intend to be on track with that one.  If I promise an author a review by a certain time, I try very hard to meet that deadline.  I have accepted very few reviews because I know I don't currently have the time.  But I would like to say to those authors whose work I have accepted for review, they will be done and if any are seasonal I will meet those targets, meaning a review will be done before Christmas.

We are currently renovating our bathroom and as my better half is doing it himself, it is taking longer.  I am employed as best mate, I can add plumber's mate and will be adding carpenter's mate to my skill-set.  We usually share some of the household chores meaning I clean, launder, iron etc.  He cooks most of the time and willingly shops too, although the latter is often a joint venture.  Now, I am cooking again, I have found that I do enjoy catering for the family.  I bake and make desserts but the main meals were his domain.  He could put Messrs Oliver and Ramsay to shame, making up new dishes, adding a bit of this and that with very good results most of the time.  I prefer instruction so I tend to use a cookbook, particularly if I make a new dish or bring out something I haven't made in a while.

What are we having done?  We have taken out the original bathroom furniture and we are replacing with a shower unit and basin, no bath.  The old bath ran alongside the window which was not ideal.  The shower will be in the opposite corner and the basin next to the window.  This has meant moving the radiator to another wall and re-routing the water pipes plus making new holes in the wall for the waste pipes.  Now this has all been completed, we tested the pipework this morning and his soldering is good.  Having made the floorboards good, he is about to lay down underlay before laying the laminate flooring.  Once this is in place he can put batons on the walls ready to hang the panels which will form two walls of the shower unit.  Then, fingers crossed, the shower tray can go in and waste and water pipes connected to the mixer and finally, the glass side panel and door.  Hopefully, by the end of the weekend we will have a working shower.  Oh!  In case you thought we were going dirty, no, we don't have two bathrooms.  We do have a cloakroom downstairs with loo and a small basin.  A godsend as we had to have the water turned off upstairs during the course of the plumbing work.  We have very kind next door neighbours who have loaned us use of the shower in their extension.

Once the bathroom is working, meaning we have shower and basin in use, the painting and decorating can be finished over the Christmas period or in the New Year.  OH may decide to take a break, however, he has been known to get bored and trawl the DIY stores during the holidays.  The separate toilet can take its turn after Christmas.  Avocado may not match the new white furniture next door but we have lived with it this long I think a few more weeks will be manageable.

On the bright side it will all be worth it, what's a little inconvenience!

That is Booketta's news for now.

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