Saturday, 30 November 2013

It's a Wrap - End of the Month Round Up

That's it folks!  We're on a countdown to Christmas!  November has been a poor month for me on the reading and reviewing front.  I have told you about the bathroom project which is still going on.  I suspect December won't be too productive on the book front either.

Post Stats
Book Reviews = 1
Books Read = 2
Author feature with give-away = 1

Books Read and Reviewed
Just Add Spice - Carol E Wyer 5*
The Loving Spirit - Daphne du Maurier 4*

Books Read and Not Reviewed
The Olive Farm - Carol Drinkwater 3*

Just Add Spice - Carol E Wyer

The Olive Farm - Carol Drinkwater

I was honoured to take part in Safhket Publishing's tour and I hosted a Q&A and give-away for author Carol E Wyer along with a review of Just Add Spice.

A new post 'Feeding My E-Reader' featured twice and I posted about 'What the Postman Brought'.

I updated you all keeping you informed as to why I have been quiet this month.

Books coming in - I obtained three freebies from Amazon and one from iTunes.  I received 2 books for review, 2 from competition wins and I bought a book for reading group.

What can you expect in December?
Tomorrow I feature Author Nicky Wells on the blog including a review of her novella Spirits of Christmas. I will have a review of The Little Book of Lost Hearts by Valerie A Baglietto very soon.  Plus I have some Christmas reads which I hope to be able to review for you.

Was November a good booking month for you?

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