Sunday, 17 November 2013

Feeding My E-Reader#2 and What the Postman Brought

Once again, new books mainly for the e-Readers, and one through the letterbox this week.  In terms of my reading week, I have finally finished the book I have been reading since the beginning of this month.  This is not detrimental to the novel, just that time hasn't been available and my reading has been limited to bedtime only.

What did I get?

Hearts of Gold - Catrin Collier ( free from Amazon)
Reaching for the Stars - Janice Horton (a win from Best Chick Lit takeover of LLM's twitter feed)
The Little Book of Lost Hearts - Valerie A Baglietto (for review)
Little white Lies and Butterflies - Suzie Tullett (give-away win)

Tree Book
The Olive Farm - Carol Drinkwater (for reading group)

What books came into your life this week?

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