Monday, 11 November 2013

Feeding My E-Reader

I am a bit late with this post, more of a Mailbox Monday rather than a weekend post.  It's a bit messy at home right now.  Project bathroom has commenced and I have a new role as plumbers mate along with the usual role in keeping the household going.  I have all three offspring back home, the older two work and the youngest is in A level college.  However apart from them being able to get themselves from a to b, and get up and dressed, I still have all the washing, ironing, cooking and cleaning.  I'm not complaining, I'm just saying it leaves little time for the blogs.  I haven't had to do much as plumber's mate yet except turn water on and off and hold a radiator steady.  I have spent several hours in bathroom showrooms, B&Q and other plumbing/DIY stores.

I have only received two eBooks this week and as they are not both for the Kindle I decided to change the title this week.  The second book was from Apple iTunes and I have loaded to iBooks to read on the iPad. I am expecting a 'tree' book any time soon, it should be here in the next day or so as I need to read it for next week's book group.

On my Kindle
Can't Live Without - Joanne Phillips

In iBooks
The Wedding Diary - Margaret James

How has your week been?  Were you lucky enough to collect some freebies along with your usual weekly book buys?

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