Thursday, 31 October 2013

It's A Wrap - End of the Month Round Up

It's that time again, another month draws to a close.  Happy Halloween everyone!

Post Stats
Book Reviews = 4
Book Launch = 1
PreLoved Give-away = 1
Award = 1
Freebies  = 3
Books Read = 7
Ratings = 2 x 4*, 3 x 3*, 1 x 2*

Books Read and Reviewed
The Kingmaker's Daughter - Philippa Gregory 4*
The Snow Child - Eowyn Ivey 4*
Word On The Street - Romy Wood 3*
The Racketeer - John Grisham 3*

Books Read and Not Reviewed 
Due to lack of time I was unable to review these books.
Once In A House On Fire - Andrea Ashworth 3*
Samantha Smythe's Modern Family Journal - Lucy Cavendish 2*

The Kingmaker's Daughter - Philippa Gregory
The Snow Child - Eowyn Ivey

Samantha Smythe's Modern Family Journal - Lucy Cavendish

I was lucky to have had the opportunity to attend a 'live' book launch for Romy Wood's new novel -Word On The Street.  We had a great evening at the book signing and listening to both Romy and her publisher talk about the book.

I managed to find a newly read and reviewed book to give-away this month.  The Valentine Present and Other Diabolical Liberties by Lynda Renham was won by Lainy from So many books, so little time.

I was also the recipient of the Shine On Award this month given by Jo from jaffareadstoo.

Book buying ban?  What ban?  Okay, so I didn't buy but I got some freebies, 2 prizes from competitions, 1 book I read on loan from a friend, 2 eBooks for review and 15 were free Kindle books.  Total: 20 books.  I did well.  No more I say!

What can you expect in November?
I am taking part in the Safkhet Publishing Tour featuring author Carol E Wyer where I will be hosting a Q&A, book review of Just Add Spice plus give-away.  I am currently reading The Loving Spirit by Daphne du Maurier, you can expect to see a review soon.  The book group read for November is The Olive Farm by Carol Drinkwater, I have yet to get my copy but I should have a review of this book too.  I hope to have read and reviewed a few more books for you before the end of November.

How was October for you in books?

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