Sunday, 20 October 2013

Feeding My Kindle

Yesterday, I looked out my Kindle which I have now owned for two years.  I have used it to read and review several books but not for a while, preferring to read tree books and making an attempt to reduce my ever increasing bookshelves.  I received a couple of books for review a week or so back in .mobi format which should read on the Kindle.  These books arrived by email from the authors and I opened them in the Kindle App on my iPad.  I wanted to transfer them to my Kindle as out of the two devices, I prefer to read off the Kindle.   Firstly, the message on my Kindle said I had to charge the battery.  As you are aware these Kindles are sold with a USB connector but no plug.  In the past I have used my HTC mobile phone plug.  However, I am in the process of selling my HTC mobile phone with all its accessories.  I tried my Samsung mobile charger and the iPad plug but the Kindle didn't like either of those.  Long story short I took the HTC plug out of the box and used that again deeming it may be a bit slow charging directly from the computer USB port.  It looks like I will have to buy a Kindle plug anyway.  Once charged, I connected the Kindle to the computer to sync and update the device.  I looked online to see how I could transfer these two books mentioned above from the iPad to the Kindle - nada!  Niente!  Nothing!  I am reading from the iPad which is okay, it's just a bit heavier to hold and I have to keep away from direct light to reduce the glare even with the screen toned down.

Two Books I Received for Review:
Just Add Spice - Carol E Wyer
Spirits of Christmas - Nicky Wells

Having resurrected the Kindle I surfed the web looking for cheap ebooks and found some freebies as shared on Facebook or Twitter by fellow bookworms and bloggers.

Here's the Freebies:
Three Hot Heroes (ChocLit) - Sue Moorcroft
Public Property - Mandy Baggot
Double Dare - Rhonda Nelson
The One You Love - Paul Pilkington

I am not sure when I will read these new books on the Kindle but they are there when I want something small, light and portable to carry in my bag.  A long journey perhaps :)

Did you load your eReader this week?

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