Wednesday, 31 July 2013

It's A Wrap - End of Month Round Up

Another poor month, no reviews at all, one give-away and one general post.  Not an awful lot of reading done either!  Again, I read four books and gave up on one of them.  Do you see a pattern forming here?  I hope not.  Is it me?  Have I lost my reading mojo?  Or, am I not picking the right books just now?  My latest book two chapters in seems promising.  Let's hope I have just had a bad run in book choices.  Apart from that it's summer and we head off quite a lot since I last posted a wrap at the end of June, we have been away twice.  Both five nighters and with fab weather not a lot of reading gets done.  Too much to see, too many places to visit.  We are heading off again shortly for a slightly longer stretch, maybe ten days or more.  We have to be home for the GCSE results.  During our short stays at home I don't get much reading done.  Whilst away we leave the house in the hands of our grown up children both back living at home for a while.  I return to piles of washing and scrubbing the kitchen and bathrooms.


Books Read
Fingersmith - Sarah Waters
The Old Girl Network - Catherine Alliott
The Family Tree - Carole Cadwalladr

The Secret She Keeps - Helen Cross

Fingersmith - Sarah Waters

The Secret She Keeps - Helen Cross

I ran a give-away one copy of The Earthquake Machine by Mary Pauline Lowry won by Anne C of Random Things Through My Letterbox.

I am still on a book buying ban but I do need to order my book group read for September's meeting from the library.

I am currently reading 26a by Diana Evans.

Plans for August?  None with holidays looming and other things going on.  I won't be running a give-away this month.  I shall read at my leisure and if I have time I will post a review.  In the meantime, happy reading and enjoy your summer!

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