Thursday, 18 April 2013

Book Review: Pink Wellies and Flat Caps

Synopsis - Alice Lane has everything: a wonderful fiancé, a responsible job and a lovely flat in Chelsea.  But after she has a bra fitting her life goes tits up.

Homeless, and with just a sparkling engagement ring as a memory of her previous life, Alice accepts a live-in farm manager's job and discovers that things actually can get worse.  Come with Alice as she makes her hilarious career change and struggles to cope with her moody employer, Edward...  But can Alice turn her back on romance and resist the dashing Dominic or will her past come back to surprise her?

Review - This is my second read of Lynda Renham's novels, the first was Croissants and Jam which I reviewed last year.  I haven't read Wedding Cake to Turin, Coconuts and Wonderbras or as I discovered today (another book) The Diary of Rector Byrnes.  Therefore I have limited comparison but I have to say that I preferred Croissants and Jam.  Pink Wellies and Flat Caps took me longer to get into and didn't have me laughing at the outset, however, once the story got going it was peppered with Lynda's trademark humour and did (to put in my husband's words), "that book's giving you a right titter!"  I hasten to add this isn't an expression he uses but he did a very good impression of his late mother.

Characters - I must admit I did find Alice a bit wet and really! I mean really!  Even I wouldn't be that gullible.  For me she was a little unbelievably dumb at times.  Georgie was a scream and I loved Cas, who reminded me of Stuart (one of The Great British Sewing Bee contestants).  Charlie, well the name says it all!  He was, I mean, a complete Charlie!  Again, unbelievably naive and stupid!  Likeable farmers and other background characters, even grumpy Edward and can you blame him?  He had a lot to contend with.  Dominic lived up to being the character Lynda gave him.

This book had all the usual ingredients to make good chick-lit, humour, a variety of characters from losers to winners.  The ex-boyfriend, the best friend(s), the unsympathetic boss, gorgeous men, the downright nasty, the lot.  Good choice of setting to provide contrast to situations, the reader got a flavour for country life with all that mud and the animals and a good picture of someone who has lived all their life in a city.  I did like the references to animal rights.  I loved the portrayal of Myrna and Philip, even though it was a bit clichéd.  Being a veggie myself and having gone so far as handing out leaflets in the high street in my youth.  I have come across extremists and I know just how committed to their cause they are rightly or wrongly.  The scenarios did have a ring of truth about them.

All good fun! 3*

ISBN 978-0-9571372-4-0
Published by Raucous Publishing

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