Monday, 11 March 2013

Oxfam International Women's Day Friday 8 March 2013

I hosted a book swap in my home for this event, for the second year running.  Once again we cleared the hundred pounds mark, this year's takings were £110.  I received a lot of book donations and had a lot of punters particularly in the morning session.

This year I ran it slightly differently rather than throughout the day, I ran a separate morning and evening session which gave us a break in between.  It's hard work but a lot of fun and a good way to catch up with friends and acquaintances.  Oxfam provide a pack which contains balloons, a pattern for bunting, coasters, sweepstake and tips on how you may wish to run your day.  Plus of course the return envelope in which I posted the cheque on Saturday morning.

This morning I have delivered leftover books to Oxfam and Ty Hafan charity shops.  I used to volunteer at Ty Hafan therefore I feel a loyalty to them as well.

As you will see in one of the photos above we had cake!

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