Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Book Review: A Small Free Kiss In The Dark - Glenda Millard

Synopsis - Skip's an outsider.  He's never fitted in.  So he takes to the streets.  Life there may be hard, but it's better than the one he's left behind, especially when he teams up with an old homeless man Billy.  Then come the bombs which bring little Max and Tia, the sad teenage dancer with a tiny baby, into Skip and Billy's world.  Scavenging for food, living on love and imagination - how long can Skip's fragile new family hold out as war grips the city?

Review - A lovely tale about friendship and survival.  Skip's life has not been easy with his mother gone, his dad unable to cope and then being fostered out through the care system.  We meet Billy whose kindness and skills help to keep Skip, Max, Tia and the baby alive.  Billy and Skip find Max under a table in the State library that has suffered bomb damage.  Max patiently awaiting the return of his Mother until he can be persuaded to leave for his safety.  It is later on they meet Tia and it is Skip who gains her trust.  Their adventure is a tale of hardship and poverty in a war zone, there is little chance of survival but the trail of people escaping the war zone leads north.  A strangely alluring story.  3*

ISBN 978-1-84877-027-0

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