Saturday, 1 December 2012

It's A Wrap - Monthly Round Up and Look ahead

Well, I certainly managed to plough through quite a few books this month and catch up my review schedule. Here's how November's reads went:

November's Reads
Fireseed One - Catherine Stine 3* (e-book)
The Seanachie: Tales of Old Seamus - Gerry McCullough 2* (e-book)
Before Leonora Wakes - Lee Thompson 3* (e-book)
Fire Baptized - Kenya Wright 4* (e-book)
To Take Her Pride - Anne Brear 4* (e-book)
Remember The Eyes - Beth Muscat Not reviewed (e-book)
The Vigilantes - Lena Hillbrand 4* (e-book)
The Colour of Dawn - Amber Jerome Norrgard 4* (e-book)
The Best Of Us  - Ursula Gorman 4* (e-book)
Hollowland - Amanda Hocking 4* (e-book)
Meant To Be - Tiffany King 3* (e-book)
The Guardian's Wildchild - Feather Stone 4* (e-book)
Treasure Me - Christine Nolfi 4* (e-book)
Farsighted - Emlyn Chand 3* (e-book)
Last Stand In A Dead Land - Eric S Brown 3* (e-book)
Brethren Beginnings - Deena Remiel  Not reviewed (e-book)
Vigilante - Claude Bouchard 4* (e-book)
Diamond Heart - Ann Mayburn (e-book)
Across The Galaxy - Heather Hildenbrand 4* (e-book)
Skid Out - Ann Marie Frohoff Not reviewed (e-book)
Love Unfinished - Darian Wilk Not reviewed (e-book)
Barefoot Girls - Tara McTiernan 4* (e-book)
AMPED - Douglas E Richards 4* (e-book)
The St Petersburg Confessions - Ty Hutchinson 3* (e-book)
Bleeding Hearts - Ash Krafton Not reviewed (e-book)
31 - Calum Kerr 4* (e-book)
The Secret of the Scarlet Stone - T L Clarke Not reviewed (e-book)
Excelsior - George Sirois 4* (e-book)

Look ahead at December
Emerald City - Alice K Leppert (Currently reading)
The Woman Who Went To Bed For A Year - Sue Townsend (Book Group read)
The Quickening - Mari Biella
Copernicus H Stringfellow - Lorin Barber
Kiera's Quest Awakenings - Kristy Brown
The Abigale Chronicles - Jo Michaels
Confessions of a Cake Addict - Emma Kaufmann
Corpalism - Arun D Ellis
Narrative Loserdom - Ryan Collins
Loco Moco - Ty Hutchinson
Surfing In Stilletos - Carol Wyer
Of Folly and Fear - Tania Johansson
The Tide Breaker - Sonya Watson
Bound By Love - Patti Roberts

That should keep me busy.  What does December's reading look like for you?

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