Friday, 28 December 2012

Book Review: Surfing In Stilettos - Carol E Wyer

Synopsis - Amanda Wilson is all geared up for an exciting gap-year, travelling across Europe.  She soon finds her plans thwarted when she is abandoned in France with only a cellarful of Chateau Plonk, a large orange Space Hopper, and Old Ted, the dog, for company.  Fate has intervened to turn Amanda's life on its head.  First the camper can breaks down.  Then her dopey son, Tom, who is staying in their house in the UK, begins wrecking it, one piece at a time.  The jaw dropping video Skype calls that her irrepressable mother insists on making are, by contrast, making Amanda's hundrum trip even less palatable.  Finally, she discovers that her new-found, French friend, Bibi Chevalier, had engineered a plan to ensure that her philandering husband would never stray again; unfortunately, Amanda is unwittingly drawn into the scheme, becoming a target.  Meanwhile, on a beach in Sydney, a lonely Todd Bradshaw realises that his first true love, Amanda Wilson, is definitely the only woman for him.  Can he get back into her good books and hopefully back into her arms with his latest plan? Or will fate intervene yet again and turn everyone's lives upside down?  (Taken from Goodreads)

Review - I like the concept of writing a 'blog post' with comments after some of the chapters making it very real for the popular blogging community out there.  I think many women of this age will identify with Amanda to some extent, when you are able to indulge in freedom from young children or have those old enough to have left home or be away at University.  My other half would love to spend a year or more touring Europe in a motorhome, instead we have a tiny caravan and still a teen at home.  I must admit Mr B is nothing like Phil so I wouldn't have to endure his grumpiness and misery day in/day out.  But Phil made for a much more entertaining novel and is a great contrast to Amanda.  Nice touch with regard to internet safety too, us bloggers are a trusting lot and do accept friendship requests from each other quite willingly.  However, Bibi's desperation and unsavviness with Facebook made it all such a laugh, although savvy enough not to use her own name.  I loved Grace, what a wonderful woman, we all hope that we can have some of that later in our lives.  However, she was so real as she was depicted as lonely and not liking her own company, happy when she was able to help others and to an extent relive her younger days.  Great characters with plenty of interest and a storyline which flowed and kept the reader interested.  I would recommend this book to all my friends of a certain age.  3*

ISBN 978-1-87176-488-6

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