Sunday, 23 December 2012

Book Review: Loco Moco - Ty Hutchinson

Synopsis - The world's only consultant to the criminal underworld has just experienced his closest brush with death yet, and wonders if it's time to quit the biz.

In need of some serious soul searching, Darby Stansfield and his girlfriend, Izzy Weber, set off for a summer surfing adventure in Hawaii.  But what the land of Aloha offers instead, is the same temptations he's eager to escape - one in particular, the North Beach Boys.  Hoping to resist the lure of the local gang, Darby focuses on improving his relationship with Izzy.  All is fun in the sun until their beach house is broken into.

From there, the mysterious threats begin to escalate, forcing Darby and Izzy to hire a local private detective.  Between the PI working the case and the security improvements made around their place, the ideal summer appears to be back on track.  Wrong.

What they don't realise is that a stranger is watching them and someone is going to die.  (Taken from Goodreads)

Review - Another adventure for Darby Stansfield who has a habit of attracting trouble.  This is his third outing.  Great characters, good, believable storyline with plenty to keep the reader interested.  Plus a beautiful locations although we really only see North shore beach very occasionally.  A nice twist at the end. 3*

Kindle edition: ASIN: B0086111YO

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