Sunday, 4 November 2012

What I Brought Home...

Nothing through my letterbox this week and as I am not accepting reviews at present, nothing in my inbox either.  However, Mr B and I did go to a charity book fayre and of course, I couldn't resist two books.  Then on the next day at Bookbarn I was feeling quite smug at how good I was (helped by the fact that I didn't see anything I wanted), until I plucked one book from the 'unofficial car boot' later on.  As this was part of a meet with other book minded folk, we all take a book to put in the lucky dip and I participated so that was another book to bring home.  Not that I am complaining, not at all.  Four in all this week.

Charity Book Fair
Deception Point - Dan Brown

Death Message - Mark Billingham

From the Boot and Lucky Dip

Please Look After My Mother? - Kyung Sook Shin

Hard Girls - Martina Cole

What goodies did you get this week?

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