Sunday, 11 November 2012

Book Review: The Vigilantes - Lena Hillbrand

Synopsis - Having failed to purchase the human girl Cali, Draven sets off on a journey to find her.  One way or another he intends to gain possession of her, despite her master's refusal to sell and the band of vigilante humans he stumbles upon while searching.  If he means to escape the humans, first he'll have to convince them of his humanity - or give it up and outwit them at their own brutal games. (Taken from Goodreads)

Review - I preferred this book to The Superiors, the first in this series, which sets up the storyline and introduces us to the main characters.  The Vigilantes is a far superior (pardon the pun) book, with a great plot, convincing storyline and some interesting and complex characterisations.  We see our original characters grow and develop throughout the book.  Draven, betrayed by the Enforcer he helped in the first book, goes on a journey to find Cali who he desires to purchase and keep.  We see Draven show himself as humane, inspite of the brutal treatment he receives at the hands of the humans.  He is hurt by the way they hate his kind.  Not all superiors are as kind hearted as Draven and these humans have learnt hard lessons and want their freedom.  We see some interesting and complex characterisations amongst them.  Sally, who believes what she has been told during her upbringing, but comes to like and understand Draven.  Sally is so bound by the rules of the community that she finds it hard to follow her own beliefs to help him.  We have Byron, the Enforcer who brings Cali to his new home, introducing Shelley, a friend for Cali.  Byron cannot stand the smell of the saps and although he leaves his bites open to infection does not take directly from them and does not care for them particularly well.  He sees them as a business, in the same way he treats his new task to find out why there are missing sapiens.  This story also brings in a new 'breed' the Incubus, unregistered, not showing on the database they are beings who have not been fully converted.  An introduction to the next book I wonder?  Great stuff, I am now convinced and will read more from this author.  4*

Kindle edition: ASIN: B006QMPFMO

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