Friday, 16 November 2012

Book Review: Treasure Me - Christine Nolfi

Synopsis - Petty thief Birdie Kaminsky has arrived in Liberty, Ohio to steal a treasure hidden since the Civil War.  She is in possession of a charming clue passed down in her family for generations: Liberty safeguards the cherished heart.

The beautiful thief wants to go straight.  She secretly admires the clue's author, freed-woman, Justice Postell, who left South Carolina at the dawn of the Civil War and carried untold riches on her journey north.  As Birdie searches for the treasure, she begins to believe a questionable part of the story: a tale of love between Justice and Lucas Postell, the French plantation owner who was Birdie's ancestor.

If the stories are true, Justice bore a child with Lucas.  Some of those black relatives might still live in town.  Birdie can't help but wonder if she found one - Liberty's feisty matriarch, Theodora Hendricks, who packs a pistol and heart-warming stories about Justice.  Birdie doesn't know that an investigative reporter will trip her up - as will her conscience when she begins to wonder if it's possible to start a new life with stolen riches.  Yet with each new clue she unearths, Birdie discovers a family history more precious than gems, a tradition of love richer than she's imagined.  (Taken from Goodreads)

Review - Great storytelling and lots of detail to keep me interested.  Great fully rounded characterisations who fitted the storyline.  I was so pleased to see the development of both Birdie and Hugh's characters, it was great watching them grow as individuals.  I think my favourite had to be Theodora, what a gem!  So feisty and smart, she kept everyone on their toes.  There are more books about Second Chance Grill.  4*

Kindle edition: ASIN: B004XMOP9I

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