Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Book Review: The St Petersburg Confessions - Ty Hutchinson

Synopsis - In St Petersburg, right before the fall of Communism.  Father Fedor, an orthodox priest at St Catherine's Cathedral, is locking up after the late night mass when he hears a stranger's voice call out to him.  The man begs to confess immediately, afraid that if he waits he will become a lost soul.

Of course Father Fedor accepts, but what he doesn't know, what he isn't expecting, is that this madman has committed the same sin ninety-nine times.  (Taken from Goodreads)

Review - I have to say I was wondering where this was going with the priest having to listen to each of the ninety-nine confessions and every one about the stranger's kills.  An interesting concept, but rather frightening.  Could someone have such a hold on, or be so persuasive especially with a person at this stage in their life?  Frighteningly realistic in some ways.  Interesting characters and storyline.  3*

Kindle edition: ASIN: B007PWG1WC

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