Sunday, 11 November 2012

Book Review: The Best Of Us - Ursula Gorman

Synopsis - Daniel couldn't believe he'd been talked into taking his sister's best friend, Carly, to prom.  It's not his idea of a good time; especially after the nasty breakup with his girlfriend, and his getting ready to leave for basic training.  He just wants to get it over with...but fate has a twisted sense of humour  delivering humiliation to Carly, in the form of his ex-girlfriend.  Years later, Carly has become a rising star in the photography world, but one phone call and she drops everything to rush back to her hometown.  Now she must face Daniel again... and tragedy.  Fates twisted sense of humour intervenes once again and now Daniel and Carly must work together.  Unfortunately, tragedy still has plans, and those plans involve Carly.  Someone wants Carly to to become a part of that tragedy, especially if it kills her!  (Taken from Goodreads)

Review - A lovely story with a nice bit of romance in there.  A good storyline and likeable characters as well as plenty of not so nice potential criminals.  An ex-boyfriend of the murder victim who's jealous girlfriend wants his original engagement ring back.  A nasty banker who makes a good profit on property sales.  The son of the shop assistant who was sacked for alcoholism.  And, Daniel's ex-girlfriend who still wants a part of his life.  I liked the portrayal of the Wayne brothers, their closeness and how they have each others backs and their protectiveness towards Carly, who was like a little sister to them.  There are more stories about the Wayne Brothers to check out.  4*

Kindle edition: ASIN: B007BQNLSY

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