Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Book Review: Room For A Single Lady - Clare Boylan

Synopsis - To Eugene Rafferty, girls are like money - they have to be saved   Bridie, Kitty and Rose, his three young daughters, are growing up in the 1950's Dublin and no longer trust their beautiful but oppressed mother to lead them into brilliant womanhood.  As family fortunes decline, and the Raffertys are forced to take in lodgers, the girls are introduced by a succession of eccentric outsiders to an alluring new world of sex, superstition, spite, true love, and tragedy.

Review - Quite a witty and funny tale.  Eugene, the father is work shy, although according to him work is not out there!  Yet, he will not entertain the thought of his wife going out to work hence they struggle to put food on the table.  They rent a room but this is not without fraught incidents and problematic lodgers.  The overprotective Rafferty's advertise for a single lady but when this brings in young women looking for love, they narrow it down even more.  The growing daughters are to be kept in childhood and even as teenagers they are stifled.  Is this an accurate telling of life in Ireland's Dublin in the 1950's?  I don't know but it does provide some laughs.  2*
ISBN: 0-349010901-X

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