Friday, 12 October 2012

Book Review: Past Caring - Robert Goddard

Synopsis - Why should distinguished Edwardian Cabinet minister Edwin Strafford resign at the height of his parliamentary career?  Why does the woman he loves so suddenly and coldly reject him?  Why, seventy years later, should people go to such lengths - even as far as murder - to prevent the truth from being revealed?

Martin Radford, history graduate, disaffected and unemployed, leaps at the chance to go to the island of Madeira, and begin the hunt for a solution to the intriguing secret of Edwin Strafford's fall from grace.  However, his seeming good fortune turns to nightmare as his investigation triggers a bizarre and violent train of events which remorselessly entangles him and those who believed they had escaped the spectre of crimes long past but never paid for...

Review - I found this book took a long time to get into with the scene setting and the writing style hard going.  I was tempted to abandon but as a book group read this was not an option.  I was pleased I finished the book even though for me, it certainly wasn't a great read.  It became predictable, it was obvious the beautiful Eve was a temptress up to no good and our main character Martin was weak and ineffective.  The only likeable character in the book turned out to be Strafford's intended.  The 'baddies' were so nasty to be really convincing, can people be so awful in 'real' life?  It is fiction and therefore anything goes but for me, it was not quite believable.  It felt contrived.  One scene with Eve, the setting and scenario told us that she would seduce him but I felt some detail was gratuitous, it wasn't necessary and certainly did not titillate.  It just added to my being less enamoured with the book.  As for the final scenes, it was obvious that Martin would suffer as Strafford had and even the finale was no big surprise.  2*

ISBN 978-0-552-13144-5

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