Friday, 21 September 2012

Book Review: The Superiors - Lena Hillbrand

Synopsis - Although Draven belongs to the master race that has taken over the world from humans, he can't afford his own human.  He clings to the lower rungs of society, struggling to pay rent and obey the strict laws of society.  Then one night he captures Cali, a human runaway.

Draven must return the girl, but he can't stop thinking about her.  He returns to feed on her often and begins to remember his own humanity as he spends more time with her.  As he learns to sympathise with the human and see her as more than an animal, he struggles to protect her from other Superiors.  But Draven can't keep others from feeding on Cali unless he buys her.  He vows to make the purchase, no matter what he has to sacrifice to support a human.

His quest for Cali starts innocently enough, but soon leads him into a tangled web of danger, betrayal and murder.  (Taken from Goodreads)

Review - This is a vampire story with a difference, to me anyway as I have not read many in this genre.  These vampire Superiors are a race that have evolved from humans from the First Order through to Thirds.  Thirds are the lower Superior and Draven is one of these.  Perhaps that is why he remembers his own humanity and has some feeling towards humans or saps (you and me, basically).  Although Superiors believe humans are stupid and they use them as food, feeding on their blood.  Yes, the Superiors have vampire teeth.

It is not my favourite story but this is nothing detrimental towards the book or the writing.  Perhaps vampire novels aren't my bag.  The story is well written with a sound plot, good storyline and the narrative flows along nicely.  We have well developed characters in Cali, our 'intelligent' human, Draven, a third with a heart and Byron, the Second Order Enforcer who takes Draven under his wing and 'mentors' him.  I did anticipate the ending which did not come as a surprise.  I was not particularly disappointed as I expected it and was quite pleased I got it right.  If you like vampire stories then this is well worth a read.  3*

Kindle edition ASIN: B004ZGB2I4

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