Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Book Review: My Life So Far - Jane Fonda

Synopsis - In My Life So Far Fonda holds a mirror to her past; from unconfident daughter of Hollywood aristocracy to Oscar winning actress, from political protests against the Vietnam War to revolutionising the fitness industry, from outspoken advocate of women's rights to a woman still struggling to accept herself.  As she reflects, and reconciles her tortured relationships with her parents, we see our lives in hers.

Review - Of course, Jane Fonda apart from being a fantastic actress in her own right, is mainly known as the daughter of the late Henry Fonda, sister of Peter Fonda and aunt of Bridget Fonda.  She is also known for speaking out in the 60's during the Vietnam war and has been a voice for many issues over the years.  Her autobiography is pretty well packed.  A very intelligent woman and quite a force, she tells of her childhood and the effect her parents marriage had on her.  She is also quite candid about the choices she made through life whether good or bad.  Her mother Frances committed suicide when Jane was 10 years old, after being asked for a divorce by Henry.  Jane's relationship with her parents wasn't particularly close and this had a profound effect on Jane later in life.  Although very fond of her father and trying to do everything she could to please him, in her marriages she felt that she needed to do right by her husbands at the time for fear of losing them.

However, she has her father's work ethos and in both her acting and campaigning careers, into which she certainly threw her heart and sole.  A wonderful autobiography which I think many of us will be able to relate to at least one or two of the issues she raised in the book.  It makes you think about your own life, abilities and ghosts that one carries from the past.  It makes you look at things differently and realise that life isn't easy for everyone, even the rich and successful.  Everyone has their flaws in life.  5*

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