Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Book Review: Leaving The World - Douglas Kennedy

Synopsis - On the night before her thirteenth birthday, Jane Howard made a vow to her warring parents - she would never get married and she would never have children.

But life, as Jane discovers, is a profoundly random business.  Many years and many lives later, she is a professor in Boston, in love with a brilliant, erratic man named Theo.  And then she falls pregnant.  Motherhood turns out to be a great welcome surprise - but when a devastating turn of events tears her existence apart she has no choice but to flee all she knows and leave the world.

Just when Jane has renounced life itself, the disappearance of a young girl pulls her back from the edge and into an obsessive search for personal redemption.  Convinced that she knows more about the case than the police do, she is forced to make a decision - stay hidden or bring to light a shattering truth.

Review - Goodness, if this book does not tug at every heart-string!  Mr Kennedy is now ranked as one of my favourites, having just read a second book of his.  This is my favourite so far.  You are immediately plunged into the scenario of this poor child subjected to the continual fighting between her parents.  A bright child coping with the stress in the only way she knows how.  She makes a pretty obvious statement, after all being a product of continually warring parents, would you want to get married and have children?

The theme that runs through here is that your childhood rubs off in some way or other.  Whether in decision making - and lets face it Jane Howard did make some surprisingly dumb decisions when it came to loaning her hard earned savings.  Of course, we cannot blame everything on our parents as there are many facets to life and its experiences that mould us.  Every chapter of this book, makes a twist in a different direction - take the truth about Jane's father, the father of her child, her choice with the case of the missing girl, Ivy MacIntyre.  Could you have predicted all this?  I certainly could not.  Genius.  5*

ISBN: 978-0-0995-0968-4

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