Friday, 24 August 2012

Book Review: Light On Snow - Anita Shreve

Synopsis - Walking through new-fallen snow in the forest near their home, twelve year old Nicky Dillon and her father come upon something inconceivable: there, in the pristine winter scene, an abandoned infant wails, its survival made possible only by the coincidence of their having chosen this path for their evening stroll.

Review - A very sad but wonderful tale, beautifully written in true Anita Shreve style.  The finding of the abandoned infant brings the sadness in Nicky and her father's lives to the fore, re-opening wounds that are still in the process of healing.  This journey the pair make emotionally and practically, from when they find the baby to how they deal with the situation helps them to come to terms with their own sadness and ultimately, aid healing of those scars.  4*
ISBN: 0-349-11856-6

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