Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Book Review: Hot Chocolate - Dawn Greenfield Ireland

Synopsis - Meet the middle-aged Alcott sisters: Madge, Lila Mae and Dorothea, heiresses to the Alcott chocolate fortune and mavens of Houston's elite River Oaks.  Madge ambushes Lila Mae with Dorothea's manipulative plea: she can't care for Bernie, their 92 year old father, any longer.  Lila Mae explodes in a hissy fit - she had warned Dorothea years ago that they should put Bernie in an assisted living centre.  Robert, Lila Mae's astrologer, warns of impending problems and he's rarely wrong.  The sisters call a meeting with Walter Branson, their solicitor.  They discuss Bernie's nurse Bambi Chaline, a blonde bombshell who looks more like a hooker than a nurse.  Arrangements are made for Bernie to be transferred over to Lake Sides Assisted Living Centre in the uptown Galleria area and a severance package is drawn up for Bambi.  Jimmy Ray Chaline, Bambi's bowling alley husband, is enraged that Bambi is let go.  He hires ambulance chaser Mark Slade to file a lawsuit for wrongful termination.  The suit is thrown out of court further fuelling Jimmy Ray's rage.  Bambi had been more than satisfied with her bonus, letters of recommendation and praise from the Alcott clan.  When Jimmy Ray fails to return from the bowling alley that night, a series of events unfold that shocks the entire Alcott family and their extended members.  (Taken from Amazon)   

Review - A fun, light crime read from Dawn Ireland.  I won this e-book from a give-away on Books and Beyond a few months ago.

An entertaining read that is light enough for the holidays.  The story revolves around the three middle aged sisters when they decide to put their father Bernie into full time assisted care.  His nurse is given a package which her frugal husband is not happy about.  The media coverage that is given this couple from the failed attempt at a lawsuit brings an unwelcome and unexpected return from the past.  When Jimmy Ray is found murdered with an item from Dorothea's unusual and very expensive cutlery set, she becomes the main suspect.  There are various shocks in store for the family, one being that their father has much more clarity and is far more frisky than the sisters were led to believe.  Chance Wilson, Lila Mae's boyfriend is the lead investigator in the murder and with help from Lila Mae's astrologer and psychic friends, Chance finds the killer.

This book is aimed at the mature reader.  If you like Murder She Wrote, Midsummer Murders and Rosemary and Thyme, then this book is for you.  2.5*

Available on Amazon ASIN: B005XQYP5C

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