Thursday, 12 July 2012

Book Review: Under Gemini - Rosamunde Pilcher

Synopsis - No two women could have been more different.  No two women could have been closer...

Flora and Rose are identical twins who do not know of each other's existence.  Rose has been raised by her frivolous mother with the glossy international jet set.  Flora has spent her childhood in the beauty and quiet of her father's Cornish cottage.

And then, by chance, they meet.

The encounter seems heaven-sent to the shameless Rose, who longs to be free of a man she no longer desires.  In taking Rose's place, Flora's uneventful life is changed forever.  She finds drama and danger - and glimpses a happiness beyond her wildest dreams. 

Review - I have not labelled this book as chick lit, but it is really, for the older generation.   A lovely, gentle story which flows just as easily as Ms Pilcher's previous book The Shell Seekers.  Pure escapism, you cannot help but get caught up in the drama of it all.  The deception takes place by an 'unwilling' Flora, who agreed to the plan to help Anthony, Rose's fiancé out of a difficult situation.  Flora wants to tell the truth, but Anthony is too scared to do so.

A great summer read, one for the plane or beach. 4*
ISBN 0-00-617798-0

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