Saturday, 7 July 2012

Book Review: Everyone Worth Knowing - Lauren Weisberger

Synopsis - Bette gets paid to party...And she can hardly believe her luck.  Running with celebs, gaining VIP access to Manhattan's hottest clubs and meeting 'everyone worth knowing' is a million miles away from her old banking job.

When she turns up in the gossip columns with a notorious British playboy, it delights her publicity-mad new boss.  But her family and friends want to know what happened to the girl who loved bad novels, 80's music and always had time for them.

Can Bette say goodbye to the glamour and the Gucci and step back into the real world?  And where will she find her own prince charming?

Review - I preferred this book to The Devil Wears Prada.  Probably because I had seen the film first before reading the book and unusually preferring the film version.  Although this book is very much chick-lit genre, it does take a poke at the PR and gossip magazine/tabloid newspaper industry.  Although I quite liked Bette (the central character), I did find her a bit spineless.  There was plenty to keep the reader interested, the poor neglected BF who had eyes for the biggest loser ever!  The totally unsuitable 'boyfriend', nasty, conniving ex-college hanger-on and the backstabbing, jealous colleague.  Bette's parents were a written cliché of sixties, hippie-style, vegetarian campaigners completely kitted out in hand knits and sandals with long hair.  Completed with the obligatory gay Uncle who happens to be a newspaper columnist.  Even if Weisburger's depiction is all a bit clichéd, it's a fun, quick read for the plane or holiday. 3*

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