Sunday, 10 June 2012

Presents, Downloads and What the Postman Brought...


What a lucky girl I am?  Mr B bought me a Kindle just before our time off in Devon.  Not the fancy new one but the original, because it is small enough to tuck in my handbag and light to hold.  I have been reading e-books on my iPad and this Kindle is so much lighter and easier.  However, I will still read ePub on the iPad so Authors, don't despair I can be a little bit flexible on format.  The only downside is that I forget my Kindle is not touch screen, after using an android phone and the iPad I go to hit the screen and wonder why it doesn't respond.  It's early days and I keep telling myself I'm still learning!!  Not a sign of old age really :/


Loco Moco - Ty Hutchinson (via author)

I know I am not accepting review requests right now.  This was a free download and as I have already reviewed for Mr Hutchinson, I added this one to the very end of my schedule - so it will be much later on this year.

Five Children and It - E. Nesbitt

This was on my wishlist, having not got around to reading it as a child or to my own children.  This is one of Amazon's free kindle books.


An Instance of the Fingerpost - Ian Pears (this was a RISI swap)

What came through your mailbox this week?

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