Thursday, 28 June 2012

Book Review: Volition - Shawn Maravel

Synopsis - Charlotte Rush would be the first to admit that her life is no roller-coaster ride.  Her days are laced with ordinary and at times boring monotony.  But with a heart that finds itself frequently broken she's happy to say that she's content.

When her friends convince her to spend the night out at a club to let loose and maybe even find a guy, she finally admits that her life might be missing something.

No sooner does she let go of her inhibitions does she find herself waking up in a dark hotel room in the presence of Joel, a man who carries mystery in his eyes and familiarity in his smile.  Against reason Charlotte decides to trust him based solely on one thing.  Somehow, she is sure that she knows him.

In a race against time to find answers and to solve the crime committed against her Charlotte finds herself falling for him.  However, with nothing but mystery surrounding him she can't even be sure that he's the hero at all.  While knowing all of the right things to say he still manages to tell her nothing.  As a battle is waged over the innocence of her cryptic stranger, Charlotte discovers that much greater danger awaits her.  And the mysteries behind who and what Joel is will lead Charlotte to discover that heaven and hell are not so far apart. (Taken from Goodreads)

Review -  I won this e-book from a give-away on Shadow Kisses blog.  What a lovely story and so romantic.  It rolled along quite nicely, even with the not very nice events but you knew that something much worse was going to happen.  What suspense to have to wait until the very end!  I shall be reading Severance very soon and I am dying to know if our hero survives and above all, that good overcomes evil.  Charlotte is the ideal heroine, portrayed as a lovely person, and a talented artist.  The type of girl that most of us would like to be or have been.  Popular but not big-headed, just a regular, level-headed young lady.  A nice twist though on one of the characters, not really expected.  3*

ISBN 978-1456547233

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