Monday, 11 June 2012

Book Review: Sister - Rosamund Lupton

Synopsis - Nothing can break the bond between sisters...

When Beatrice gets a fractic call in the middle of Sunday lunch to say that her younger sister Tess is missing, she boards the first flight home to London.  But as she learns about the circumstances surrounding Tess's disappearance, she is stunned to discover how little she actually knows of her sister's life - and unprepared for the terrifying truths she must now face.

The police, Beatrice's fiancĂ© and even their mother accept they have lost Tess, but Beatrice refuses to give up on her.  So she embarks on a dangerous journey to discover the truth, no matter the cost.

Review - I read this book for Reading Group, a very good choice in my opinion.  I had read Afterwards, Lupton's second novel earlier this year which I found equally as well written.  I love the way this author makes the reader look at her characters from a different angle.  In Sister, Beatrice tells us her story, not as she is actually living it, but I believe after the event.  Yes, I know Lupton does not give us the final outcome but we like to think that all is not lost, and if you read the author Q&A at the end of the book, she tells us that the ending is up to the reader but that for this author our narrator is saved.  I am not saying more or giving away names as I do not intentionally post spoilers and fingers crossed, I haven't here.

There are a few 'dodgy' characters thrown in early enough to make us think that one of these has to be the baddie (if indeed there is one) but just as we think, yeah, we know it has to be ... or ?, more names are introduced and the reader's theory is thrown on its head.  Beatrice's character is quite complex, she has guilt of not caring enough or acting quickly enough and let's be honest here, how many can identify with that?  How well does she know her sister?  Really know her sister?  I don't have a sister or brother, this is unknown territory for me, but you could apply it to best friend, close relative, parent.... and most of us have that.  Beatrice is convinced that her sister was murdered and this conviction leads her to investigate despite the circumstances.  I don't like to think the police would so easily pigeon hole a victim due to their social, economic and mental/emotional circumstances, sadly this does really happen.  The coroner's report substantiated the police belief in writing it off as suicide.     You have to read the book to find out whose theory was right!  As you may have gathered this was a winner for me and my best book group read (new group) to date.  4*
ISBN 978-0-7499-4201-4

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