Saturday, 23 June 2012

Book Review: How Not To Worry - Caroline Carr

Synopsis - Anxiety and worry are a part of life.  But for many of us they can reach a point where they spoil or even ruin our lives.  If you are over-anxious, and perhaps even suffer from panic attacks, you need to do something about it.  But what?

Maybe you're not sure about going to the doctor.  Even if it helps, you don't just want a quick-fix cure for the symptoms (though in the short term that would be a big help).  You want to be the sort of person who doesn't fret and worry so much in the first place.

Review - This is a useful self help book if you suffer from anxiety or panic.  It gives some examples from 'real' people and the author herself which a sufferer may identify with or at least realise they are not alone.  As an anxiety sufferer myself, I have read a few books and quite a lot of information on the subject.  All pointing to the same thing that you are not alone but in the end it is you yourself who will be the person to tackle the condition and reduce it to being manageable.  I have been a sufferer for a while and there have been bad times when I have felt that I have been falling apart.  Earlier last year, I was in quite a bad way having suffered some fairly severe (for me) panic attacks at work but here I am a year or so on and a lot better and medication free.  Admittedly, I am no longer in a stressful work situation.  I have been fortunate in not having an attack for some time now, but I know it could happen.  However, I have the tools to deal with it, breathing techniques and positive thoughts which I find helpful.  This book was recapping for me regarding advice and tips and I would recommend it as a starting point as there are some useful web addresses to check out.  3*
ISBN 978190541037-8

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