Thursday, 10 May 2012

A Quick Update

I realise I have been a bit quiet the past couple of weeks.  Last week I had a virus from which I am pretty much recovered and this week we have adopted a 5 month old puppy who is taking up some of our time whilst we settle her in.  This has meant I have not been able to read quite as avidly as usual.  This will soon be remedied as she will lie/sleep on my lap or next to me and allow me to read, I do occasionally get a nudge as if to say " Hey, remember me?".

The real reason for this update is mainly for authors looking for a review - sorry, my schedule is pretty full for this year and I cannot accept any more requests at present.  I will update my 'about' page when I can take on review requests again.  I am not entering competitions either for pretty much the same reasons.

To my guests this month, I have not forgotten, questions will be coming your way.  I won't promise when but I am hoping to get on to this in the next day or so.

Thank you for bearing with me :)

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