Monday, 28 May 2012

Book Review: The Savage Garden - Mark Mills

Synopsis - Tuscany, 1958. Behind a villa in the heart of Tuscany lies a Renaissance garden of enchanting beauty. Its grottoes, pagan statues and classical inscriptions seem to have a secret life of their own - and a secret message, too, for those with eyes to read it.

Young scholar, Adam Strickland is just such a person. Arriving in 1958, he finds the Docci family, their house and the unique garden as seductive as each other. But post-War Italy is still a strange, even dangerous, place and the Doccis have some dark skeletons hidden away in the past.

Before this mysterious and beautiful summer ends, Adam will uncover two stories of love, revenge, and murder, separated by 400 years...but is another tragedy about to be added to the villa's cursed history? 

Review - Second book group choice for this month, finished just in time for discussion. Another book I would not have lifted from the shelves and although I wasn't impressed at the start, I soon changed my mind. Once the story took off and the Greek mythological history of the Villa Docci garden was revealed, I found the book surprisingly interesting. Combined with an intriguing storyline, a curvy, forever twisting plot which revealed further interesting information. Great twists at the end, with a wrong foot as to who the manipulator is before they finally reveal themselves. 3*
ISBN 978-0-00-716193-5

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