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Guest Interview With Lynda Renham +Give-Away

I would like to welcome Lynda Renham - Author of Croissants and Jam to my blog.  I am honoured to have you over here today.  Lynda's blog can be found here.  I do urge you to check it out.

You started writing at a young age?  Who or what inspired you to write?

I don't recall a particular person inspiring me but I was very inspired by a TV programme named 'Peyton Place' based on a novel by Grace Metalious.  I went on to write my own version when I was aged 13 titled 'The Happenings In Beechwood'.  I enjoyed writing that very much.

You have published poems as well as articles for magazines and newspapers.  Where can we find your poems?

Some of my poems on childlessness can be found on the 'Childless Support' blog at childlesssupport.

You have written several books including 'Wedding Cake To Turin' and 'Croissants and Jam'.  There seems to be a strong link to food and weddings running here.  Does your next book have a similar theme or is it completely different?

Wedding Cake To Turin obviously featured a wedding cake.  This novel was based on a trip I actually made to Turin to attend a wedding and where we actually transported a wedding cake.  The whole of this trip can be found on my web page Wedding Cake To Turin.  Croissants and Jam, while mentioning food is very much a love story.  The third novel which I am currently working on is titled 'Coconuts and Wonderbras' I think I will leave you guessing on that one.

You write for an on-line newspaper called 'The Scavenger' which I had never come across prior to my 'subject' research.  I have just subscribed!  How did you get involved with the magazine/newspaper as an Associate Editor?

I can't quite remember now.  I think they were requesting associate editors, so I applied and that was it.  I have been writing for them for some time now as well as NL Aid news agency and others.

You studied literature and creative writing.  Was English your teaching subject?

Surprise, surprise, it was actually Religious studies.  I taught the history of Judaism and ethics and beliefs amongst others.  I taught children aged 6 through to 14.

I read that you were a head teacher.  Also, you have been writing for 25 years.  Were you writing alongside working as a teacher?

Yes, I have always written.  I didn't give it my dedication until recently though.  I stopped writing for a long time during my first marriage.  I was very unmotivated in that relationship.

You are now working part time in the health sector, a change of direction from teaching.  Which field of health care do you work in?

I work in a GP health centre and I can tell you some stories.  Like the man who...Oops better not.  I write pretty much full time now and only work in the health sector two days a week but that is ending soon.  So, prepare yourself for some NHS health stories.

You have taken part in BBC Radio discussions.  Are there any our readers can look forward to listening to in the near future?  Also, in which programmes have you participated?

I have been on Radio Scotland and BBC radio to talk about coping with childlessness and also to discuss being a stepmother.  I am founder of several large groups that discuss life without children.

You live in a beautiful part of England with your husband and cat Bendy, I love that name.  Do you enjoy outdoor sport or hobbies?

First, can I say that Bendy is a shortened version of the name Bendrix which is a character from a Graham Greene novel.  Sport?  Is that a joke?  I have never been sporty, but I do have lots of hobbies.  I enjoy photography and take lots of photos of the countryside where I live.  I am lucky to live where I do.  I also enjoy going to our allotment which is only 5 minutes' walk from our home.  I also love social networking and welcome contact from my readers on Facebook and Twitter.

For fun, what is your favourite music?

I adore jazz and big band music but I also like Lady Gag, Adele and Will Young amongst others.

Thank you so much for coming over to the blog today and sparing your time to tell the readers about you. 

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