Monday, 9 April 2012

Book Review: Seesaw - Deborah Moggach

Synopsis - Take an ordinary, well-off family like the Prices.  Watch what happens when one Sunday seventeen-year-old Hannah disappears without trace.  See how the family rallies when a ransom note demands half a million pounds for Hannah's safe return.

But it's when Hannah comes home that the story really begins.

Now observe what happens to a family when they lose their house, their status, all their wealth.  Note how they disintegrate under the pressures of guilt and poverty and are forced to confront their true selves.

And finally, wait to hear about Hannah, who has the most shocking surprise in store of all.

Review - This was the book chosen by my Book Group for this month.  It did not get a vote from me, but that is the beauty of the book group, to read something different and it is a democratic choice.  Put it this way, I would not have bought or picked this one up in a charity shop.  For once, my instincts were right.  I sometimes get a nice surprise but not this time.

Deborah Moggach is a well known writer of British fiction and has written screenplays.  She has also been a journalist, writing for magazines and newspaper columns.  Therefore, I was a bit surprised to find that I really did not like this book at all.  I could not empathise with any of the characters and I could not find the parents actions after their daughter's kidnap credible.  Therefore I had no sympathy for their plight and if I was meant to feel sorry for the have-nots, that didn't work either.  As for the ending!  Is the reader supposed to write the end of the story?  There was no closure.  What a disappointment!

I was going to mark this story as good because I could not find fault with the actual writing until the non-ending - hence I have to downgrade my rating to two stars. 2*
ISBN 0-7493-2449-X  Mandarin Books

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