Saturday, 28 April 2012

Book Review: Cat Pies - Grace Elliot

Synopsis - Did the Victorians really eat cat pies?
Who invented the cat flap?
Do black cats bring good or bad luck?
Why did Victorian veterinarians have such a bad reputation?
Is cat-gut really made from cats?
How did cats win a battle?
Cat Pies is a series of short essays which answer the above questions, as well as other matters of feline historical trivia!  (Taken from Amazon)

Review - Bring yourself to overlook the typos and enjoy some feline historical facts.  I found this quite refreshing, something different.  If you like cats and want to know some of these quirky snippets then give it a go.  I particularly found the chapter on Victorian home remedies interesting, I didn't know canine and feline digestive systems were so different.  There is no reason why they should be the same but nevertheless, it's amazing so many cats survived!  It just reiterates how medicine in all specialities has come on and just as well!

There was a bonus story following the trivia, and what a twist the ending was - very sad and a bit unexpected although hinted at earlier on.  A light, fun and enjoyable read.  3*
Kindle: ASIN: B006IDCSBC

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