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Guest Interview with Mark Ruckledge, Book Review - Return to Mercya + Give-Away

I would like to welcome Mark Ruckledge - Author of Return To Mercya to my blog.  I am honoured to have you over here today.  Mark's book can be found here.  I urge you to check it out.

What or who inspired you to start writing?

I seem to have a constant urge to do something creative, be it writing, singing, drawing, photography, painting, playing guitar, song writing.  Writing a story is something I always wanted to do but getting something actually published seemed impossible so I never bothered before.  Until one day while surfing the net I came across an article about self-publishing and eBooks and some of the people who had success doing this.  I never knew about any of that before but as soon as I did I set to it.  So being able to bypass publishing houses and put what I wanted out there for people to see inspired me to start writing.

Had you any previous writing experience prior to penning Return To Mercya?

I used to write a lot, among other things, in school.  I'd just ramble on about silly things but it was writing none the less and I seemed to enjoy it.  I used to make my own comics too.  I dabbled in poetry a short while prior to writing this book too if that counts.

Return To Mercya is a short story.  Was this deliberate to assess how the book is received before deciding to take it further? 

That's exactly what it was.  I'm not confident enough to dedicate three years of my life to a million page epic on the off chance that one person might like it.  Although it would be nice churn out volume after volume just for the love of writing I am realistically writing for other people to hopefully enjoy and want more, and if not then I'll move onto something else.  It would just be nice to reach an audience.

There is an indication there will be more in the Return To Mercya series.  When can we expect the next book to be available?

I've already started on the second one and have a rough idea about the third one.  Despite what I've said I do feel a growing urge to write another one, if only for my own satisfaction regardless of the response to the first one, but a third one might be pushing it if no one wants to read the previous two.  I'd say this year sometime the second one would be done.  Can't be any more accurate than that I'm afraid.

Any thought on turning Return To Mercya into a film?  If so, who would you choose for the leading characters?

I've had no thoughts of turning it into a film although that is my preferred medium and I view stories in a film like way.  I don't think it would work as a film because I try to use the language to convey the emotions and moods in the book.  But I suppose you could use visuals to convey those same feelings, just have to approach it in a different way.  That's beyond me for now!  But who would play the leading characters?  There's no one I can think of for Brendel.  Someone sad, solemn, wise and dangerous who's been around for a while and has seen it all and lost it all.  But Jil, maybe Kate Beckinsale comes close, physically anyway.

If you were to set Return To Mercya to music.  What would you choose?

Song to the Siren by the Cocteau Twins, 50 Words for Snow by Kate Bush, Closer by Kings of Leon, Losing My Religion by Tori Amos, I Will Find You by Clannad and Kissing You by Desree.

I read that you were a lifelong film fan.  Have you written a film script or is that something you would like to do?

I never have but I have wanted to make a short film for YouTube or something so...maybe one day.

Is fantasy your favourite genre or are there other books you like to read?

I'll read anything but fantasy is the one that seems to have no limits and where everything is permitted.  The best way to let your imagination run wild.  I just like something that transports you somewhere else and does not tell me about a place I already know and can go and see if I put the book down.

I read that you like games.  What do you play?

Mass Effect series, Red Dead Redemption, Assassins Creed series, Splinter Cell series, Grand Theft Auto, Resident Evil.  Racing games are too repetitive, sports games... might as well do it for real.  That's why I don't get a Wii.  Computer games are meant to be things you could never do in real life like drive a million miles an hour or shoot the living dead, not play bowling or tennis...go and do that for real no?

Apart from writing, films, games and music.  How else do you spend your down time?

Playing guitar and spending too much time online.

Thank you so much for coming over to the blog today and sparing your time.  

Book Review - Return To Mercya

Synopsis - In a world beyond imagination, one man returns to a land he once knew only to find it changed beyond all recognition and overrun by evil.  But with companionship and love he may just make it through.  This is his story...
(Taken from Amazon)

Review - A short story, this is Part One of what I hope will be a series.  A slight departure from my usual read.  I have ventured into this type of adventure/fantasy and not always with good results.  However, I found this story quite enthralling.  I willed our hero to get back to Mercya and put everything right, I wanted him to find love and stay with Jil and I wanted him to defeat all evil.  Of course, this cannot possibly all be accomplished or we would not have more to look forward to in the future.  A taster for more and I look forward to finding out what becomes of our hero and what he makes of his life and Mercya.  As I have said this is a short story and if it had been written in a longer version the author could have given more detail in characterisations, relationships and in the adventure itself.  For me this is a taster but still worth reading.  3*

Here is the trailer for Return To Mercya.


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