Thursday, 29 March 2012

Guest Blogger of the Month - Susi Sunshine

Today I would like to welcome Susi aka Geeky Lover from Book Lovers Inc to my blog.

Susi I am honoured to have you over here today.  Susi's blog can be found here: Book Lovers Inc, I urge you to check it out.

You are addicted to books.  Have you always been 'addicted' since childhood?

Thanks so much for having me, Jane.  I got my love for books from my Dad and as soon as I was able to read I was hooked.  In elementary school I was at the library nearly every day.  So I think that counts as a yes.  In my teens I was distracted by boys for a while but which girl isn't.  *wink*

Which particular books or authors captured your interest?

My all time favourite author is Megan Hart - I adore her way of creating an emotional, intense story with compelling characters.  Her books make me think - and I do love that.  And well they are pretty hot.  I do also recommend Jill Sorensen (gripping romantic suspense), Lorelei James (HAWT cowboy contemporaries), Gini Koch (hilarious sci-fi romance), Ilona Andrews (just awesome sauce) and so many more.

You like reading Paranormal Romance, Erotica, Romance, Urban Fantasy and Science Fiction in particular.  Is there space for any other genres in your reading?

I do read other stuff from time to time but I really need to be intrigued by the premises.  There are so many great books in the genres I love so I usually don't have the urge to experiment.  I enjoyed some literary fiction novels or some thrillers but if I have the choice I want some romance in them.

I have read that you have hosted several blogs, Book Lovers Inc appears to be the 'live' blog.  How long have you been out there in the blogosphere? 

I started blogging in May 2009 and haven't stopped since.  After we founded Book Lovers Inc and got rather successful I stopped my own blog because 2 blogs were rather time-consuming.  I started another blog with my bff pattepoilue aka Caroline but last summer we had to temporarily stop after some personal havoc and university stress.  So for now it's only Book Lovers Inc.  But group blogging is so much fun it makes up for it.

You are studying to be a Civil Engineer.  How do you find the time to read and review so many books?

Actually as of March 13th I'm done.  *happy dance*  You can call me Madame Engineer now or Susineer (the Book Lovers found that last one hilarious *wink*).  As for reviewing - it actually went down a bit in the last few months because of all this exams and thesis stress.  I usually read around 10+ books per month and try to at least make 4 of the review titles (depending on length).  I'm by far not one of those marathon readers you can find in the blogosphere.  I rather enjoy and take my time.  And well I don't watch much TV. ;)   

You like Sci-Fi movies and shows.  You are a particular fan of Star Trek, Babylon 5 and Stargate.  Which Sci-Fi film would you recommend to our readers and why? 

Well I do own all Star Trek, Star Wars, Babylon 5, Stargate (all sub series) and Farscape dvds.  It's an addiction I share with bf.  If I watch TV it's one of those or some other series.  One movie?  This is like asking me to choose an all time favourite book. >.<

Okay, if you like action go with the latest Star Trek movie and if you prefer it funny go with Spaceballs but it  probably is more fun if you watch Star Wars first.

You call yourself 'Geeky Lover' and own up to loving gadgets that "make life easier", in particular with USB connections.  What is your favourite gadget and how does it make your life easier?

I confess I own 4 laptops and 2 pc's (well bf and me do) and lets not talk about the newly arrived server.  But my all time favourite thing is my USB flash drive that is actually a cute little necklace.  I often need it so it's handy to have it around and well it's sooo pretty.

Well and I do adore my smartphone.  I think I'm never seen without it near me.  Online addict and all that. ^_^

You live in Magdeburg, Germany and you mention on one of your blogs (The Tokyo Hotel city), I guess your talking about the band.  Apart from that claim to fame, the city probably has a lot more going for it ;)  Anything you can tell us about Magdeburg?

You wouldn't believe how many people start saying that when they hear the name Magdeburg.  I'm actually pretty sick of it.  Magdeburg is the capital of Saxony-Anholt and one of the 5 greenest cities here in Germany.  We do have a very pretty Hundertwasser Building, the Green Citadel (  and some pretty churches and well much green - which I love most. 

You like shopping.  Favourite shops and purchases?

My obsession is H&M - I always find something there.  The Body Shop is great and evil for my credit card (bf says I always smell like a fruit salad *wink*).  I have some favourite yarn shops to feed my knitting addiction.

Lastly, for fun - music!  Your current hot listen?

I warn you I am not a trendy music person LOL.  My current love is a song by a German band Beatsteaks with Jane became insane.  Helped me a lot before defending my thesis.  

Thank you so much for sparing your time and being my guest on the blog this month.

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